Terms & Conditions

Users are bound to agree to some Terms & Conditions to use our website. Our website is known for providing troubleshooting tips to cash app users. We make sure to provide resolutions that can fix the problems of the users. Everyone who is taking help from this website has to follow these conditions. If you do not read these conditions and something goes out of the box while following the suggestion provided on the website then we are not solely responsible for it.
The information provided on the website is only to help cash app users to troubleshoot their application or to fix the internal glitches. We make sure that customers experience the hassle-free performance with a cash app.

Personal information

We never share the information of our users with other parties. If your account will get hacked or something else will happen with your cash app wallet balance or linked bank account then we are not responsible for that. Square Cash App Helps is not liable for any loss caused to the users due to any illegal activity.
Warranty details: If anyone is having unauthorized access to your account after or before taking our services then our website has no role in it. Also, customers are requested to read the [privacy policies and terms and conditions before taking help from our website.
Apart from this, you have to provide your personal information and other required details to our executives as the part of service. At the same time, users are requested to not share their banking password, CVV details, and OTP, etc with our executives. If any information provided by you proved to be wrong then we have the right to cancel your service. Besides, your account can also be terminated for a temporary period if the information found is not genuine.


Our website is providing many types of technical and nontechnical troubleshooting tips for cash app users. However, these are written by the experts but there can be mistakes in them. Customers are informed that we are not responsible for any false or incomplete information provided on this website. If you have any issue with the provided content then you can discontinue the offered services.
Finally, we would like to tell users that we keep making changes in the policies. So, you are requested to read the conditions carefully every time while taking help from this website.